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Submitted on
May 14, 2012
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... Send me to hell

If something as pure
As sweet, sweet, ever lasting love
Is a sin?

Then by all means, send me to hell

If the fact
That I am willing to DIE
For the one I love
If the fact
our love
Isn't as good as yours

Then by all means, send me to hell

At least I know
That if I cannot spend a true eternity with her here
But I can there

Then by all means, send me to hell

I'll shield her from the engulfing flames of it
I'll fend off the devil himself
I'll keep her safe and happy
And if the only way I can do this is there

Then by all means, send me to hell

I do not fear
Nor loath it
My only fear
Is for you

Because what you do, too, is sin

Then by all means

I'll see you there too.
Just venting a little.

Done at the spur of the moment.

Damn homophobic Christains at school giving me a hard time is all.
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thefoxysquirrel Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
I got a hard time today too... from the guy at J Crew who ordered the wrong size of boots for me...

Get over it.

And I would challenge you to this...

Christians believe there is an absolute moral truth as set forth by an omniscient, omnipotent, benevolent creator. So anything that deviates from this moral code is sin. A deviation from this moral code is what we would say is wrong. Simple right? So you can argue with the existence of this God, the veracity of the claims of the bible etc., but given our God does exist, our line of reasoning is perfectly logical. God gave us rule A; if we don't abide by rule A we are in violation. Great.

How about you? You talk about "pure" and "sweet" "everlasting love." Why is this a good thing? Why is the most violent outburst of "hatred" towards queers bad? To what moral code do you appeal? Mind you, you cannot appeal to emotional hiccups you and other queers may feel. I'm sure child molesters feel very strongly about what they do as well - a feeling is nothing. Feelings can be swayed and change from moment to moment. I ask you to give a rock solid line of reasoning as to why it is bad to "hate" queers.

The reason I ask is because without appealing to an absolute moral truth, it is neither good nor bad to do or not do anything! Hate, love, rape, violence, gay sex... there is no good or bad. You have your truth I have mine right? If I screw up, I am in violation of God's moral code there are consequence and I am held responsible. If there is no absolute moral code... well... then what? Do this, do that... it all doesn't matter.

I await your response.
lemur97 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
"Hate, love, rape, violence, gay sex... there is no good or bad." No. No. No. Rape is BAD. Rape is NOT OKAY. Child molestation is not okay, either. These two things are a completely different subject matter. Rape and child molestation shouldn't be compared to homosexuality because in general, they are completely different things. Forcing sexual acts on some one is bad. It's harmful and traumatizing thing, therefore, it's a bad thing.

You know why it's bad to hate on homosexuality? If two people of the same gender wish to be in a romantic and sexual relationship with each other, then they can. There is no other way around it.
thefoxysquirrel Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
I wonder if people like you, with such warped thinking, can ever be helped. Even in writing, it is impossible for you to objectively evaluate your own beliefs. You don't even know why you believe what you believe.

Because something is harmful and traumatizing... it is necessarily bad? With your reasoning, surgery, the just wars that have been fought, sports such as boxing and football.... these are harmful and can be traumatizing. Are they necessarily bad? Not necessarily.

Furthermore, I object to your concept of morality. You simply assert that because something is "bad" in your eyes that it must be the case. "It's harmful and traumatizing thing, therefore, it's a bad thing." HAHA!!! Then I must be correct as well! Homosexuality is "bad" to me, therefore it is bad.

I assert that we all have moral standards - ALL OF US. We simply draw the lines different places. So the queers have morals too. Just different boundaries, different standards of behavior. The problem is people like you have no idea where their morals come from. Remember, there are a myriad of examples in history of groups of people who believe all kinds of things! Usually, people assume: many beliefs=no truth. To the contrary! It does not logically follow that because there are many opinions there is no truth. If 50 first graders believe 2 X 2 is 50 different numbers, it does not logically follow that there is no right answer. Similarly, the many beliefs and moral codes simply means that there exist many beliefs and moral codes. The question is, where do we get them from and which ones are correct?

I believe the moral code as set forth by the bible is the one, universally correct moral code. Before you call me close minded, examine yourself! You are close minded too! Your code has been absorbed from the ambient culture. If we were born into another culture we would believe another culture's code. Are you open to nazi ideology? Then you must be close minded right? Certainly not! You simply don't believe being a nazi is "right" or "good" because when compared to your moral code (which you don't know why it is the correct one, nor do you know what exactly it is) being a nazi does not fit.

According to my moral code, as set forth by the bible, homosexuality is wrong. Now, the REASON i believe mine to be the correct code is a separate discussion. For now, please, examine WHY things are wrong or right to you. Ask yourself... why is it "bad" to harm others? Plenty of cultures didn't feel the same. So, why is it "bad?" I know precisely why it is bad to murder, be a pedophile, etc. But you simply say "harming others is bad." Why???

Without a god, having a moral code is nonsensical.
lemur97 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Well, your God needs to lighten up. Two people of the same gender are in love, no harm being done there.
thefoxysquirrel Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
I think sociological research (the honest kind) would disagree with you.

But let us assume you are right. Let us assume no one is physically "harmed" by deviant homosexuality. It does not logically follow that because no one is harmed it is not wrong. Similarly, it does not follow that because someone IS harmed an act is necessarily wrong.  The question is really about moral codes; where we draw the lines of right and wrong.

As for me, I abide by the code as set forth in the Christian bible. Why? I believe the book itself has supernatural properties (such as demonstrably writing history before it has happened) and effects on those who read it which prove its claim to be the very word of God.

For you... what moral code do you subscribe to? If it feels good, it is good...? There are all kinds of problems with that. Without a god, morality is insanity. There is no reason to do or not to do anything.

You say God needs to "lighten up." Why? Why is being tolerant of homosexuality good, and intolerant of it bad? You see, I know exactly why I believe what I believe. Your code is based on your feelings which you absorbed from the ambient culture. Just as you "feel" strongly about homosexuality or whatever else you "feel" strongly about, there are people who "feel" just as strongly the opposite. So we can't use feelings to justify our moral standards. And we can't say people "should" or "shouldn't" do things simply because they feel wrong. There must be more to morality than that. Otherwise morality is a simple "feelings" popularity contest. And guess what... if a queer is in Iran... the queer loses that contest, and loses it quick.

So.... tell me. What is your moral code based on?

I am very interested as I have yet to come across anyone who can explain to me why they hold the moral standards they hold. And even if they could, I'm sure the code is completely insane, for as I said... without god, morality is nonsensical.

I await your response.
lemur97 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
You're talking about morals and yet you're going around picking on people you hardly know, bashing them, giving them a hard time, when said people are way possibly younger than you or don't care. Really disturbing, honestly. You're too blind to have seen from them START there's no way the author who wrote this deviantart piece would care and that said person is trying to waste your time, is also trying to irritate you as much has possible and that you're too blind to realize they're succeeding with ease.

I can't but wonder if it is people like YOU that can ever be fixed. People who are nothing but disrespectful and spiteful towards something innocent as love between two people and all because of a book re-written countless times, which also says that slavery is perfectly okay and that woman are nothing but objects for birthing.
thefoxysquirrel Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Wow. Wow. Wow.

You did it again! You simply said I "shouldn't pick on people." You never said why. You once again appeal to these abstract cloudy moral rules which I clearly don't subscribe to.

You responded to none of my CLEARLY stated points. You probably didn't read them. So you are closed minded aren't you?

And you made some claim about the bible. Spoken like a true fool. The bible was not re-written countless times. And even if it was, you still have NO RESPONSE to the FACT that it writes history before it happens. Again, I don't think you read what I wrote about the book of Daniel and The Christ. You have no response to this because no one does. It is objective truth. Let's assume it was re written countless times.... how great was the being that orchestrated ALL of those authors who assisted in the re re re re writing of the book so that it predicted the future TO THE PRECISE DAY hundreds of years in advance???

Biblical slavery was nothing like, say for example the African slave traders who sold their brothers to South Americans to do back breaking labor for free. Biblical slavery was much closer to indentured servitude, only better because a slave could actually become part of the family if he so chose. Also, they were freed every 7 years (Sabbath year) but MOST CHOSE TO STAY and became bondslaves. If you worked for a master you loved and who could eventually inherit from.... why leave? You are indeed ignorant.

Lastly, about women? You are BIGOT and a close minded fool. You have no idea what the bible says about women. Read the book of acts. They play invaluable roles in the early church. A women saved THE ENTIRE NATION of Israel in the book of Ruth. Jesus came specifically to the Samaritan women so she could become the first saved gentile. The first people to bear witness to the empty tomb were women. Sarah, Abraham's wife, is central character to the book of Genesis.

Why do you ignorantly speak against Christianity? You are a close minded bigot who doesn't understand.
lemur97 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Yes, the bible was re-written many, many times. Who knows? Maybe it will be rewritten once again but this time it will say to accept homosexuality and all other sexual orientations. As for why you shouldn't talk down to people, it hurts their feelings, makes you look like a douchebag, and it's just plain rude. It can ruin the other person's day and possibly their whole life, depending on how bad the situation is. And why anyone would try to justify something like that is beyond me.

What I don't understand why you keep responding, being that I clearly don't believe in Christianity nor do my morals reflect on it. My morals come from me, I learned from life and experience and how my actions can affect some one. I don't dwell on religious reasons, I simply think more about the person in question. It's called being polite and I politely ask you to stop calling me "ignorant" and "fool". 
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PyraIsBored Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Here's my response: This is old, and I don't care. Also. You're talking to a Satanist. so I don't care about the Bible? Further more LOL yeah let's tell POC to get over racism. Go do that I dare ya.
Also. I'm in a poly relationship. TOP LEL have fun "changing me." Seriously do it. I dare ya.
thefoxysquirrel Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
I'm not sure how to respond to this. You didn't respond to any of my points.

I assume you concede defeat.

Nice! I won.
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